Why Is There Trouble In Sisterhood?

Why Is There Trouble In Sisterhood?

I’ve realized that females have a difficult time being patient and showing love to one another. The irony of this is that women rely on one another to be vulnerable with.

If you are queen why betray the trust of another queen? Why are we so mean to each other?
Why do we extend patience to men more than we do those who understand us thoroughly?

Although I have not completed my reflection, I wanted to share my thoughts. Can you help me understand why we as women often refuse to love one another for who we are? Why do we often refuse to help each other succeed? And why do we choose to tear down rather than build each other up? Why is this our default setting?
This photographs above were taken at the funerals of Martin Luther King Jr on April 9, 1968 and President John F. Kennedy November 25, 1963.  In the first photo, these two women were bonding over shared experiences. Here is Former FLOTUS Jackie Kennedy showing her support to the newly widowed Coretta Scott King.

These women are graceful, influential, poised, and most importantly loving. Although they are connecting over two tragic incidents (the death of their husbands), one is offering support, empathy, and kindness to the other because she has been in her shoes before. This is what sisterhood should be. In my humble opinion. Womanhood isn’t easy. We all need help, kindness, compassion, and empathy.


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