Quick Note:

Quick Note:

Manners and etiquette is simply a matter of taste and culture (your culture, no one else’s), allied very closely with morality. Manners and etiquette is not a distinction between right and wrong. Morality, on the other hand, is much different. It is often difficult to draw a connection between having a socially acceptable manner and being moral. Many of societies elite have acted with great manners, yet have been highly immoral in their treatment of other people.

At times, in order to bring light to wrongdoing, or an immoral issue, someone may need to violate the etiquette rules or manners of our society.

Often I encounter people, who befriend me and assume I will mistreat someone based on their differences. This is not and will never be true. A true lady, an American lady, should never mistreat someone solely because of their difference. Yes, this includes their, race, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, education level, socio-economic standing, whether they are a U.S citizen or not and of course, cultural differences. A lady should not only be tolerant but also, welcoming of all people until they show their own immorality issues. We all have greatness inside of us.

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